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Gastroenterology Associates of Western Michigan dedicated research team







West Michigan Clinical Research Center: (616) 328-5344
Gastroenterology Associates of Western Michigan: (616) 452-7099

If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about our research trials, please feel free to contact our dedicated research staff:


Rochelle Copeland, MS, ACRP-CP, CRCP          
Director of Research Operations
Phone: (616) 608-8730


Bridgett Klooster, MS
Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: (616) 608-8738


Andrea Krautwurst, BS, CCRC
Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: (616) 328-5344


Ashley Ginder, BS, CCRC, CPhT
Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: (616) 328-5319


Meghan Johnson, PBT (ASCP)
Clinical Research Assistant
Phone: (616) 452-7099 ext. 5342


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