What you can expect from West Michigan Clinical Research Center

Our goal is to work with you. We understand that we are partnering with you to provide quality data. With qualified and certified research staff, targeted recruitment campaigns and dedicated doctors who actively recruit and screen patients, we can provide quality, timely data. 

If you are interested in contracting WMCRC as an investigative study site, please direct Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement requests and Feasibility Questionnaires to Rochelle Copeland, Director of Research Operations, at rcopeland@gastro-assoc-wm.com


Therapeutic areas

  • Gastroenterology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Hepatology


Site Amenities

  • Large Research Database of 20,000+ potential patients
  • Receptive and diverse patient population
  • Able to use any Central IRB
  • CLIA certified laboratory
  • Secure -20° freezer
  • Secure refrigerated storage
  • Secure ambient storage
  • 24 Hour min/max temperature monitoring and alert system
  • CardioCare 2000 ECG
  • FibroScan
  • Over 4,000 square feet of dedicated patient and research space
  • State of the art exam rooms
  • Equipment calibrated annually
  • Within walking distance of Metro Health hospital
  • Long term study storage on-site


Previous studies

  • NASH F2, F3, and F4
  • Hepatitis C
  • Cirrhosis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Constipation dominant
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Diarrhea dominant
  • Chronic Idiopathic Constipation
  • Opioid Induced Constipation
  • Diabetic Gastroparesis
  • Idiopathic Gastroparesis
  • Internal Hemorrhoids
  • Ulcerative Proctitis
  • Celiac Disease
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • Dyspepsia
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
  • Iron Deficiency Anemia
  • Bowel Prep kit for colon cleansing
  • Device studies
  • Registries


Our Staff

  • Principal Investigator board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology with over 25 years of clinical research experience
  • Sub-Investigator board certified in internal medicine with 10 years of clinical research experience
  • Certified Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Dedicated Regulatory Coordinator
  • Dedicated Recruitment team
  • ECG central reader experience
  • IATA certified staff
  • Bi-annual CITI training
  • Strict internal QA process and SOPS
  • RDC experience (Inform, Medidata, Rave, Oracle, Data Labs and more)
  • Electronic and IVRS patient diary experience



We have had the opportunity to work with many Sponsors over the years, including:

  • Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
  • Theravance Biopharma
  • Pfizer
  • GSK
  • Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Evoke Pharma
  • Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
  • Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Adare Pharmaceuticals
  • Celgene
  • AbbVie
  • Kangen Pharmaceuticals
  • Menarini Biotech
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Novartis
  • Innovate Pharmaceuticals
  • Phathom Pharmaceuticals
  • Allergan Sales, Inc.

West Michigan Clinical Research Center is an experienced Phase II - Phase IV clinical trials site.

West Michigan Clinical Research Center is an experienced Phase II - Phase IV clinical trials site.